Braving Crocodiles

I recently read this fascinating article from the Wall Street Journal about the India elections. I was especially struck by the following statement:

“While we are dealing with 814 million voters, there is equal emphasis on one vote,” said S.Y. Quraishi, India’s former chief election commissioner. Even in a place where there is a single voter, his or her ballot “cannot be ignored.”

Election rules say there must be a polling station within two kilometers of every residential community. Earlier this month, in northeastern Arunachal Pradesh, polling officials trekked five hours through a forest carrying a 10-plus-pound polling machine to reach a settlement with just two voters near the Chinese border.

When I lived in the Philippines, we marveled at the persistence and reach of Coca Cola which delivered their soft drink products to the most remote locations. Sometimes a missionary would trek to reach a remote place, the first Christian worker ever to bring the Gospel to that place, and when they got there they would find a vender selling Coca Cola.

How much more important is the Gospel than a soft drink?

In the case of India, I marvel at the persistence and reach of the India election commission. How much more important is it to reach every residential community in India with the Good News of Jesus?

If someone can reach them to retrieve their vote, surely God’s workers can someday reach them to introduce them to Jesus!

I am so grateful for the passion of our partners to reach these End Places, and I pray that someday we will see a worshipping group of believers established in every residential community in India.