Bikram: Renewal at 70

Bikram loved to spend time with other people and stay active. He was friendly, social, and had a knack for making people laugh.

So, when he suddenly became sick and couldn’t walk properly at the age of 70, it was extremely frustrating—and his family neglected to care for him. He tried to keep his head held high, maintaining his strength despite being lonely and enduring severe pain in his joints.

With no one to spend time with and an inability to be active, Bikram became bored and helpless.

Around this time, an Adult Literacy Class started near Bikram’s home. He didn’t see the benefit of getting an education at his age, but he overheard the learners there singing one day. They sounded joyful, and when he saw that their faces were filled with joy, too, he thought the class could be worthwhile. Besides, he was looking for something to do with his time. Bikram signed up.

On his first day, Bikram walked into the Adult Literacy Class slowly and sat in the corner of the room. When the teacher noticed his frail condition, he showed Bikram simple exercises he could do and encouraged him to go for a morning walk each day. He also encouraged Bikram to eat nutritious food to improve his health.

Bikram took his teacher’s advice. Little by little, he regained his fitness. Finally, he could even run!

Now able to get around more easily and stay active, Bikram went back to living the social life he had before, spending time with the people around him—including those at the Adult Literacy Class. While learning how to read, write, and do simple math, Bikram grew to love the community of the other learners. They enjoyed his company, too—especially his funny jokes. Finally, Bikram had a place where he could be social and feel cared for.

Bikram is enjoying his experience at the Adult Literacy Class so much that he now encourages other illiterate adults in his village to enroll.

Along with the many other positive lessons shared in the class, Bikram enjoys the Bible-based songs and discussions. However, he comes from a Sikh family and has yet to receive Jesus as his Savior.

Will you pray for Bikram and his entire family’s salvation?