Bhakti: Miraculous Recovery

Bhakti worshipped Hindu gods and goddesses and had superstitious beliefs. She lived in complete poverty and was married off at a young age. She and her husband worked as laborers for minimal daily wages, and as their 10 children grew up, they gradually joined the work.

Life only worsened when Bhakti woke up one morning with sudden numbness in her hands and legs. Though her family offered sacrifices and visited doctors and Hindu priests, nothing changed.

Years passed, Bhakti’s husband passed away, and because she was bedridden, she fully relied on her children for her needs.

Then, Church Planter Vishvas invited her to a prayer meeting. Bedridden for 10 years with no faith in doctors or her gods, Bhakti agreed to attend. At the prayer meeting, Vishvas shared the story of Jesus healing a crippled woman. He applied oil to Bhakti’s hands and legs, and prayed for her healing. He continued to pray for a month, and told her to do the same.

Over the next couple of weeks, Bhakti began to sense her feet and legs and move her fingers and toes. In the next week, she was finally able to stand straight without any support!

Her neighbors were astonished and her family received Jesus as their Savior! They began attending a worshipping group and were baptized.

Bhakti now witnesses to others, and members are rapidly being added to the worshipping group she attends.