Believers in Need of Relief

Distributing Relief Kits is a wonderful way for our partners to both share the Gospel with unreached people and also care for those who are already believers! What a blessing it is to come together with the greater body of Christ.

Kaisha (pictured above), for example, received Christ as her personal Savior eight years ago. She has two daughters and one son, and they live off of daily wages received through are agricultural work. When the COVID-19 lockdown began on March 24, 2020, Kaisha and her family could no longer leave home to go to work. Not only were they left without income—they were living over 40 miles from the nearest town. They had no way to purchase their basic needs.

When our partners became aware of Kaisha and her family’s needs, they delivered a Relief Kit, which was a wonderful surprise! Kaisha and her children were so grateful for the food and hygiene supplies that would help them through the pandemic.

In another state, 58-year-old Haadee has been serving the Lord for the past 28 years! He’s sacrificed many things to share the Gospel, including his physical wellbeing. A few years ago, he went to share the Gospel with a family and had a bad fall on the road on his way home. Most of the people around him wrongly assumed he was drunk and left him there, but one kind person called his family.

Now, Haadee is partially paralyzed and unable to walk. He and his wife depend on their son’s income, so during the lockdown when their son couldn’t go to work, they became dependent on others. Haadee and his family praised God when they received a Relief Kit from our partners! The support they received was beyond anything they could have asked or imagined.

In some cases, our Relief Kit distribution allows us to support and connect with people who have been a part of our programs in the past. Pastor Suvesh was one of our Church Planters in training just last year, and he’s dealt with a great deal of difficulty recently. Sadly, an infection in his leg required a portion of it to be amputated, and his younger brother was the only one available to help him. Even that help had to stop when the lockdown began due to travel restrictions.

Suvesh was filled with tears of joy when our ministry partners were able to reconnect with him and provide a Relief Kit. He is so grateful for the support from his brothers and sisters in Christ!

Thank you to all who have been a part of this extensive effort to provide Relief Kits in India! It takes just $40 to feed a family of 4 for 4 weeks, and there are thousands more who need relief. To give food and hygiene supplies to more families in India, click here.