Babali: Fulfilling Her Childhood Dream

Babali longed to go to school, but her parents said that education was only for boys because they had the responsibility to provide for a family. A woman’s job was to bear children and take care of a home. They arranged Babali’s marriage when she was just 15 years old, despite Babali’s protests about marrying so young.

Within the year, Babali was pregnant … and in the years that followed, she gave birth to three more children.

Babali found that as her family grew, it was impossible to feed and clothe them all on her husband’s small wages that he earned as a laborer. So, Babali found work as a maid to help make ends meet, though she didn’t earn much.

One night as she was returning home, Babali met an Adult Literacy Class teacher who was on her way to teach her class at night. Babali discovered that the classes were free and open to all. She begged her husband to allow her to attend, and he consented.

Babali was joyful as she held a slate and chalk and gradually learned to read, write, and do simple math. It made a world of difference for Babali to have these skills—she could read street signs and newspapers and had the knowledge to defend herself if a shopkeeper tried to take advantage of her by charging her too much for an item.

Babali listened carefully to the Gospel as it was shared in her Adult Literacy Class. She is curious to learn more, so she regularly attends the local worshipping group every Sunday. Pray for the salvation of Babali, her husband, their son, and their three daughters.