August 2018 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

We’re reflecting on Mission India’s history in ministry together lately.

Prior to 1984, mass distribution of Scripture had been Mission India’s primary method of outreach in India. Then, that year, we added Adult Literacy Classes—meeting the practical and spiritual needs of India’s poor and oppressed illiterate population. A year later, Church Planter Training was added. In 1990, Children’s Bible Clubs were introduced as Mission India’s third ministry. These programs planted new worshipping groups and at the same time, strengthened existing worshipping groups in India.

Have you looked at Mission India’s logo recently? It is a triangle—a fitting representation of our three programs, locked together to form an expression of Mission India’s calling: to equip India’s Christians to plant reproducing churches.

Did you know that all three ministry programs are implemented by local Indian churches and ministries in their areas? This both strengthens the local body of Christ and helps plant new worshipping groups. We feel privileged to partner with them to equip them with training, resources, and accountability to do effective evangelism and outreach to the spiritually lost in their communities and the surrounding areas.

Keep on praying!

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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