August 2017 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

As the moon peeked out between the clouds, the little two-year-old boy next door pointed up and shouted, “There is the moon!” And the two Chinese girls that were exchange students living with our youngest daughter and her family came in late one night very excited, for they had seen the moon for the first time! (The skies in their home city in China are so polluted and grey that they never had seen it!)

These discoveries are nothing like the discovery that we will make when we see Jesus for the first time and behold a world in which all things are new and nothing ever dies. We are reminded of the statement made by one of our neighbors that heaven and the new world will be so wonderful that all our questions will be irrelevant.

It is August, the last month of summer, and all the green will soon be blazing color (depending on where you live) and the green of plant life will give way to the brown of death. We are used to it. It happens every fall. We live in a world that is constantly getting old and dying, and yet it speaks of God’s greatness. If one kernel of corn in a world of death can produce 600 new kernels and each of these can produce 600 more to multiply to a total of  216,000,000 more kernels, what will the new world of continuing life be like? It is this God we proclaim in India; not a God of wood and stone but a living God who will make all things new! The lion will lay down with the lamb! Death will be no more. Everything will be new forever.

This is the God to whom we pray…the living God…the God who makes all things forever NEW!!!!

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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