April 2018 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

Billions of dollars are spent each year supporting a wide variety of educational programs. Young people work and scrape for diplomas they receive this time of year which will enable them to add a few letters after their name. They are proud of their accomplishments. Mission India recognizes the role of education and the necessity of giving diplomas to those who graduate, but there is something of greater importance that must be imparted to children: dependency on and trust in Jesus!

Mission India equips Indian churches and missions to reach many children each year. The message that they bring is to depend on Jesus for literally everything. And that is what many of the boys and girls do…they start to depend on Jesus for everything. Our Savior honors this dependency with miracles. One of the miracles reported many
times is God setting children’s fathers free from alcohol addiction (alcoholism affects many men in India).

Jesus told us that the only way to Heaven is through dependence on Him. “…unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3b). The main characteristic of a young child is dependency on their parents. In order to get into Heaven, we adults must go through two conversions: one from depending on ourselves and one to begin to depend on Jesus for all our needs. Children are still dependent and, as a result, it seems easier to them to depend on Jesus than for an adult to do so.

Thank God for the Indian missions and churches who feel burdened to reach children. Let’s pray this month for our children and grandchildren and also for the boys and girls who will attend our Children’s Bible Clubs. Let’s pray that these children do what comes so naturally—namely, being dependent on Jesus rather than on themselves!

Until India is Transformed,

John and Atts

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