April 2017 India Intercessor

Dear Intercessors,

We’ve been involved with a unique study at church called “The Jesus Apprentice”. An apprentice is someone trained by a master to do a specific task. “Jesus Apprentices” are believers trained by Jesus to be like Him. The program suggests a daily exercise in things like truth telling, hospitality, living humbly, etc.

We recently received this report from India which testifies to the importance of being an apprentice:

“We started with a small worship group in a rural area. I trained my team of leaders in a Bible college for two years. Working together, they planted only one church in five years. But after the [Mission India] Church Planter Training program, every one of them became a Church Planter … and each person has planted more than three churches. It has not stopped—their leaders now are also planting churches. We cannot stop people from coming to the celebration. We told each [new] church to bring only 8-10 people, but they just keep coming! Auto-rickshaws that may only carry six passengers were loaded with 12. And so many new believers were there … so many testimonies … I never saw such spiritual fruit in my life. They are going to so many places.”

“One of the Church Planters came to me after some time. He had begun work in a new town. He said, ‘Pastor, you have to come to my place where we are opening a new church building.’ I went and saw that he had a 4-wheeler. I asked him where it came from, and he said that we are planting so many churches, we needed a vehicle so that we can go along and help with the new churches. The workers who are trained have many blessings. Not only saving souls, but they are good leaders and train new believers to plant churches and train new leaders. So many now are being baptized.”

Thanks so much for all your prayers for Mission India’s “apprentice program” of Church Planter Training.

Until India is transformed,

John and Atts

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