Anya: Saved in Secret

Growing up in a family of devout Muslims, Anya’s life was regarded with little value from the day she was born. Her parents strictly enforced their religious beliefs that restricted wives and daughters from attending school, so Anya was constrained to a life of doing household chores.

Anya’s father could barely afford to take care of his family while working as a driver in the city, and her mother, like Anya, was forbidden to leave the house in search of work. Together they were warned that if they left their religion, they would lose their lives for blasphemy.

The first time Church Planter Mansi knocked on the family’s door, Anya’s mother began cursing her for evangelistic work and angrily slammed the door. Mansi bravely continued to reach out to Anya’s mother, but was forcefully refused each time.

After weeks of attempts, Anya’s mother relented and told Mansi about her family’s financial problems, asking for advice. Mansi suggested that Anya be enrolled in school to earn an education and eventually an income. Anya’s father refused at first, but her mother persuaded him and he finally agreed.

At 16 years old, Anya was placed in fourth grade.

While she excelled and surprised her teachers with her performance, elders in Anya’s community dragged her outside to beat her and threatened to kill her if she continued to go to school.

Thankfully, their anger subsided.

Mansi regularly prayed for Anya and her family and shared the Gospel message with Anya, who received Jesus as her Savior in secret! Her life remains under constant threat of persecution for her faith in Jesus, but she continues to pray for her family’s salvation and that those in her community will to come to know the Lord.