Anticipating Christ at Christmas

In this season of advent, we anticipate Christmas with excitement for all that the day brings. In the flurry of festivity that often makes it easy to lose sight of our Savior’s birth, each Sunday in advent serves as a reminder of all that Jesus brought to the world.

The hope, love, joy, and peace of Christ that each Sunday in advent recognizes are fresh on the minds of new Christians in India who will celebrate their first Christmas this year. They’ve awaited hope, joy, love, and peace for a long time – some for their entire lives – and this year, it’s not just what they’ve wished and waited for; it’s what they experience in a personal way.

In a nation filled with spiritual darkness, the goodness of our Heavenly Father is unheard of, contrasting the fear and suffering that so many people in India are accustomed to.

The hope of Christ transforms people in India like Babala, a 22-year-old man who was addicted to drugs and found hope in Jesus when his friend enrolled him in an Adult Literacy Class.

Jesus’ love is bringing renewal to people who were once abusive. Maneet, who was once short-tempered and beat his wife, received Christ as his Savior after prayers and encouragement from Church Planter Varin.

Newfound joy in Christ means that families like Jashan’s are coming out of depression after discovering Jesus through a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club.

The peace of Christ allows people like Ekta, a woman who was possessed by evil spirits for five years, to be freed from oppression. Through the prayers of Church Planter Sanshi, Ekta was delivered from evil spirits, now living a life of peace after receiving Jesus as her Savior.

As we mark the coming of Jesus with advent this year, we celebrate alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are thrilled to share in this hope, love, joy, and peace. During these weeks of advent, know that your support is an encouragement to Christians in India who are working to bring the Gospel to the unreached. Millions more await the knowledge of the goodness of Christ, but thanks to you, many will celebrate Him as Lord this Christmas!