Answered Prayers in India!

Hallelujah! In the past few months, we have seen some AMAZING answers to your prayers!

Sangita’s Prayer Group

In September, we prayed, “Messiah, we join a Children’s Bible Club leader in prayer today. She started a prayer group for local kids and families in Karnataka, India. We pray that many kids join—and bring their parents along!”

This Bible Club leader’s name is Sangita. She leads a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in a community in Karnataka, which is located in south India.

The boys and girls come to the Club to play games, hear Bible stories, pray, and do their homework. Lately, Sangita has been encouraging the children to stay after the Club a couple of days a week for extra prayer and Bible study time.

In the beginning, just five children joined.

But praise God that now there are nine children attending! Continue to pray that many more children join and are blessed.

A Woman Healed

In August, we prayed, “Almighty God, you know us intimately. A woman named Sebika suffers from mental illness. We join Church Planter Rogesh in prayer that you heal Sebika and that this miracle points her whole family to you.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened! Sebika was healed. Sebika, her parents, and her older sister all received Jesus as their personal Savior! They pray together as a family every day, trusting God to provide for their needs. And once a week, Church Planter Rogesh leads a prayer group in their house.

If you haven’t already, join us in daily prayer for India. (It takes less than a minute of your time each day!)