Annu: The Praying Wife of an Alcoholic

Annu depended on her husband, Vikesh, to pick up groceries using whatever he earned doing odd jobs during the day. However, Vikesh often wasted his small income on alcohol, leaving nothing for Annu or their two children to eat.

Many nights, Annu knocked on door after door in the neighborhood, begging everyone she knew for food for her children. Annu pleaded with her husband to give up alcohol. She cried out to her gods to help change Vikesh, too, but nothing happened.

Then, one day, Annu learned that Adult Literacy Classes were starting in her community and decided to enroll. A dedicated student, it didn’t take her long to learn basic reading, writing, and math. Annu also gained skills to start her own business and learned how to manage money well. Annu now regularly saves a small amount of money for the future, something she’d never practiced before.

Annu learned to trust her kind-hearted teacher, Susmita, and opened up to her about the situation at home. Susmita encouraged Annu to believe in Jesus, and they prayed together for Vikesh’s transformation.

Susmita also paid a visit to their house and spoke with Vikesh about how his alcoholism was pushing his family into poverty. Although he didn’t like being told such things, Vikesh later mulled over what the teacher had said. For the sake of his children, he decided to change his behavior. Vikesh began to use more of the income he earned to provide for his family.

Meanwhile, Annu was very interested in the stories Susmita shared from the Bible. When Susmita shared the Gospel, Annu received Jesus as her Savior and began attending a worshipping group.

Pray for Annu’s spiritual growth as well as for the salvation of her husband and two children. Pray, too, for Vikesh’s complete deliverance from his alcohol addiction.