Anitha: Experiencing Answered Prayers

As a 7th grader, Anitha had poor grades in school and especially struggled with English, science, and math. Anitha knew she had the potential to do better—she just had no time and no encouragement at home.

Anitha’s parents often made her miss school so she could work alongside them in the fields. They didn’t see the value in educating their daughter. Anitha began to struggle so badly in school that she was ready to give up on her education altogether.

But that’s when Anitha heard about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. She joined, and as she attended, she received free tutoring from her Bible Club leader. Suddenly, Anitha began to do well in all her subjects and understood the concepts that had only brought her frustration before. She improved so significantly that she now helps tutor other children!

Though she’d initially enrolled in the Bible Club for help with schoolwork, the impact of Anitha’s Bible Club went far beyond academics. Anitha had grown up believing everything happened in her life because of Karma—that both the good and bad in her life occurred because she deserved it. She even believed Karma was the cause of her dad’s alcoholism. At her Bible Club, though, Anitha learned about God’s love, care, and protection. She was touched by the stories shared about Jesus, who she’d never heard of before. As the days passed, she found herself trusting Jesus and praying to Him for all of her needs, even though her four older siblings made fun of her for it.

Meanwhile, Anitha’s dad became terribly sick due to his excessive consumption of alcohol. Anitha prayed for her dad’s healing and deliverance from his addiction. Miraculously, Anitha’s dad recovered within a week, and he decided to give up alcohol. Anitha was amazed to see her dad stop drinking and knew it was because Jesus had answered her prayers! She surrendered her life to Jesus and received Him as her Savior.

Anitha believes that God will transform her entire family’s hearts and save them. She regularly prays for their salvation. Will you join her in that prayer today?