Ambika: Breaking Free from Injustice

Ambika was just three years old when her parents died.

Her aunt begrudgingly agreed to take her in and raise her along with her own three children. As she grew, Ambika was made to do most of the housework, and her aunt constantly said mean things to her. Ambika’s aunt made it very clear she saw her niece as an unwanted burden, and nothing more.

Some years later, Ambika’s aunt and uncle arranged her marriage to a local man who was willing to marry her without her family having to provide a dowry. After the wedding, Ambika found work cleaning a local school. Ambika was happy, and she and her husband earned enough to meet their needs.

However, Ambika’s aunt was jealous of her niece’s success … and she spread a malicious rumor that Ambika was having an affair with someone at the school. As a result of this rumor, Ambika’s husband left her.

Ambika didn’t make enough money to survive on her own, so she moved to another village and helped cook food in a home for the elderly. Here, Ambika met Church Planter Ramju. Ambika was amazed as she listened to Ramju speak about God’s love and plan of salvation. Before long, she received Jesus as her Savior and was baptized.

Ambika is filled with such joy that she shares about her faith in Christ with others in the community.

Ambika was surprised when her husband recently tracked her down and said he was sorry for leaving her and that he’d realized the rumor was false. He said they could live together in this village—away from the influence of Ambika’s aunt. Today, Ambika and her husband are happily living together again.

Ambika asks that you join her in prayer for her spiritual growth and for her husband’s salvation.