Alisha: Equipped to Strengthen Her Family

Alisha was born into a Hindu family as the fourth of her parents’ five daughters. Tragically, when Alisha was young, her dad sold her 12-year-old sister to a stranger—and used the money for alcohol.

From then on, Alisha and her siblings lived fearfully. With their sister gone, they stayed close to their mom and helped her with chores rather than going to school.

As if growing up with a sold sister and no education wasn’t enough, Alisha was married off at the age of only 13 to a husband who was an abusive alcoholic. And, by the young age 20, she had five children of her own to mother.

Between Alisha’s frequent pregnancies, lack of rest, and poor diet, she developed persistent health problems. Without nutritious food, her children became weak and anemic. On top of everything else, Alisha’s illiteracy led her to be cheated out of wages by her employer.

Life’s struggles just kept piling up, leaving Alisha miserable and uncertain.

But finally, a ray of hope came: Alisha heard about an Adult Literacy Class nearby and joined. After years of confusion due to illiteracy, she gradually learned to read, write, and do basic math. To help Alisha and her family at home, a special training offered through the Literacy Class taught her about health, hygiene, nutrition, and sanitation. Alisha was provided with medicine and supplements that boosted her children’s immune systems and improved her own health.

Alisha was also introduced to Jesus. She learned about God’s love and care, and it touched her heart. The Word of God gave her peace, and slowly, she started to pray. As she did, there was a remarkable transformation in her husband’s attitude. Though he still consumed alcohol, he stopped harassing her and started to give her money to use for the family’s needs.

Alisha started seeking the Lord wholeheartedly, and a few months later, Alisha received Jesus as her Savior!

The life transformation Alisha experienced through her Adult Literacy Class caused a great change in her parenting. She began regularly attending a worshipping group with her children, encouraged them to pray to Jesus, and started sending them to school.

Please pray for God to bless Alisha, especially as she hopes to start her own business selling products she learned to make through a special training in the Literacy Class. Please also pray for God to transform her husband.