A picture (actually two!) worth a thousand words

Not long ago, I went to a missions conference near our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a great day, with about 300-400 people of all ages with a heart for reaching the lost in our world. And since the plight of women has been at the forefront of my thoughts, I took the opportunity to get the word out!

I took along some copies of the literacy curriculum our partners use, since often it’s easier to SHOW the transformation instead of just talking about it. And it still blows me away to see how far our students come educationally in just one year.

The photo displayed above is an example of what a student would see on her first night of class (remember, she very likely can’t even write her own name yet!)

And below is a page from the final lesson book, near the end of the yearlong class:

Isn’t that incredible?! The women and men who graduate from these literacy classes achieve a fifth grade education — and in India, that basic level opens SO many doors to new job opportunities. Graduates are no longer limited to laboring in the field, working as a house servant, or breaking stones at a quarry. They can even start their own small home business! And since they can count, they are far less likely to be cheated out of their precious wages.

The plight of women in India is an issue that’s very dear to my heart. I care so much about these precious women … and I’m so encouraged hearing from people like you who care, too! Comment below to let me know what issues strike a chord in your heart. Bride burning? Female infanticide? The effects of illiteracy? Do you share about what you’re learning with friends or family?