9 myths about India (debunked)

Can you sort through the fact and fiction when it comes to India? Check out these 9 myths about India (debunked!).

Myth #9: Most people in India have already heard about Jesus.

The truth: India is the most unreached nation in the world: 400+ million people in India have never even heard the name of Jesus!

Myth #8: There aren’t many poor people in India anymore.

The truth: 938 million people in India (that’s three times the population of America!) live on less than $2.50 a day!

Myth #7: India’s people only speak Hindi or English.

The truth: There are actually 1,600+ languages and dialects spoken in India every day!

Myth #6: All women in India can read and write.

The truth: Many women are denied an education simply because they are girls! Nearly 200 million Indian women can’t read or write … not even their own names. 🙁

Myth #5: There are lots of adults, but not many kids living in India.

The truth: 1 in 5 kids on earth lives in India! And nearly half the population is 20 or younger.

Myth #4: Adults make the best evangelists.

The truth: In India, often the opposite is true! After learning about Jesus at their Children’s Bible Clubs, many boys and girls in India lead their parents to the Lord!

Myth #3: Foreign missionaries are the best way to reach India’s unreached.

The truth: Local believers in India are uniquely prepared to present the Gospel message in a culturally sensitive way, far more capable than any foreign missionary. At Mission India, we don’t send missionaries! Instead, we partner with believers in India who are eager to spread the Good News!

Myth #2: Transforming a nation of 1 billion non-believers is impossible.

The truth: It’s possible! Our vision might be bold, but our God is making all things possible in India! We’ve found that the key is multiplication: planting thriving, reproducing churches led by national believers. Churches are growing out of all three of our programs…every year. (Third-party research confirms that these churches reproduce and plant daughter churches!)

Myth #1: I can’t make a difference.

The truth: The impact of one tiny gift is tremendous! $1 is all it takes to introduce a child to Jesus through a Children’s Bible Club. And even if you can’t spare a dollar, you can still pray. Keep India’s kids and families in your prayers every day! Sign up for our free daily or monthly prayer email.