7 Prayers for Persecuted Believers

The body of Christ is growing in India … and so is persecution.

Will you take a couple of minutes to pray right now? Join us in lifting up these 7 prayer requests before our Heavenly Father — and let each prayer stand as a blessing of hope and strength for the many more Christian believers facing persecution and opposition.

    1. Pray for Niva, 13, who came to Christ through a Children’s Bible Club but is barred by her parents from attending. She’s meeting secretly with the Club leader, and they’re praying for her parents’ salvation.
    2. Pray for Church Planter Laxman, who is being pressured by his family to quit serving the Lord in ministry to pursue other work.
    3. Pray for the full recovery of pastors and evangelists who have been beaten, and for the congregations whose churches have been vandalized, burned, and robbed, and whose worship services have been disrupted.
    4. Pray for the safety of new Children’s Bible Club leaders who are launching Clubs this month in India.
    5. Pray for Revanna, who was kicked out of her house for standing up for her faith in Christ. Pray for the Lord’s protection and providence for Revanna and that her husband and whole family are transformed through Jesus.
    6. Pray for Adult Literacy Class teachers in Karnataka, India, who have been threatened by anti-Christian extremists.
    7. Pray for protection, strength, and encouragement for Church Planter Sholan, who is ministering in central India. He is facing threats from anti-Christian extremists, who are demanding that he stop sharing the Gospel message.


If you’d like to continue lifting up prayers for the people of India, check out our prayer guide.