5 Prayers For Girls In India

Malnutrition, illiteracy, and child marriage are just some of the dangers facing girls in India. Here are 5 ways you can pray today for these precious girls.

1. That girls will know their value. Many little girls grow up being told they are a burden, and some are even named “Unwanted.” Pray for a future in India when every little girl is valued by her family.

2. For education. Many times, girls are denied even basic education—simply because they are girls. Pray for increased equality in the education of both boys AND girls.

3. For life. Expectant mothers often face pressure to abort unborn baby girls, and many moms are pressured to kill their young daughters. Pray that these women will choose life for their daughters.

4. For safety and protection. Child labor, child marriage, religious prostitution, bride burning, and human trafficking are just some of the dangers girls are facing. Pray that these little ones are protected and kept safe!

5. That they will know Jesus! Every person’s greatest need is Jesus. Sadly, many girls grow up without even hearing His name. Pray for a future in India when each little girl knows she is loved by Jesus.