3 Things About India That Shocked Our Staff

Since I joined the Mission India team, I’ve learned a lot about India that shocked me—and so have my coworkers!

The sheer size of India, for one thing!

Eli shares, “Because of the number of people that live in India, I always imagined it as a place that was just jam packed with people everywhere you went. What I’ve seen and heard though is that there is a plethora of remote villages that can take days to get to. It’s hard to imagine that in a country of 1.2 billion people that there are still places to hide.”

And then there’s the 1,600+ languages and dialects spoken there every day!

Debbie admits, ““I was pretty clueless about India when I started [at Mission India] … I was amazed by how many different languages there were.”

For me, the most shocking thing I learned was that—at this point—most people in India will go their entire lives without ever meeting a Christian believer. Many have never even heard the name of Jesus before. This is simply heartbreaking, and I knew I had to do something about it.

When asked what shocked them about India, several of my coworkers responded in the same vein:

  • “The number of people who have not heard the name of Jesus Christ.” – Dave B.
  • “I had no idea that there were people in the world living in such pervasive spiritual darkness. Such fear of their gods. Having seen idol worship and sacrifices now firsthand in India, I read the Old Testament stories of Baal worship and the Israelites’ disobedience with a completely different understanding.” – Lindsay
  • “That there are more people in India who have not even heard the name Jesus than there are people in the U.S. That shocked me.” – Mark

With 400+ million who have yet to hear the name of Jesus—India is the most unreached nation on earth! Our hearts are aching to introduce these precious men, women, and children to the living God who loves them!

How about you? Do any of these facts about India surprise you?