10 creative ways to get involved

Ready to get more involved reaching India with the Gospel?

Here are 10 “outside the box” things you can do to help spread the word, take action, and make a difference:

  1. Share a video, story, or link that inspired you from our Facebook page.
  2. Support us when you shop! A percentage of your purchases on Amazon using AmazonSmile and/or through Meijer Community Rewards (our organization code is 211921) will be donated to Mission India.
  3. If you live near Grand Rapids, Michigan, come into our office or thrift store to volunteer!
  4. Request a free map of the world’s unreached people groups (did you know the majority are in India?)
  5. Become an advocate for India (and Mission India) in your church.
  6. Start a book club using one of our devotional books.
  7. Consider including Mission India in your Will.
  8. Pass on an interesting pin you found on our Pinterest page.
  9. Introduce the kids in your life to India.
  10. Pray for India. Every day.

“I’m part of God’s work in India when I volunteer at the thrift store. We are to serve and help one another and this has made it possible for me in a special way. You give a little and you get so much back.” ~Nancy, Mission India Super Thrift Volunteer

But don’t stop at this list! We love the creativity of Mission India supporters like you. We’ve seen you raise funds for ministry work by:

  • Selling handmade greeting cards, clothes (at a resale shop), handmade jewelry, Christmas gift tags, artwork, etc.
  • Donating the proceeds from a garage or bake sale
  • Asking for donations in place of birthday gifts
  • Giving up special treats for a time—like fruit snacks, ice cream, chewing gum, or coffee
  • Collecting change
  • Doing extra chores
  • Giving money from a piggy bank, birthday, or the tooth fairy!
  • Having a lemonade stand

“Each week, as I am preparing the grocery shopping list, I go over the things I am buying especially for the kids – juice boxes, fruit snacks, etc. They choose an item (or items) they are willing to give up for a week to put the same amount of money in their Mission India bank. It’s a small scale sacrifice, but every time they go to the fridge or pantry, they see what’s missing and remember that lives may be changed for eternity through their gifts.”

Do you have more ideas? We’d LOVE to hear them! Comment below.